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quadrato Automated Assembly


Seica's many products are capable of being integrated into process assembly lines to support 24/7 production.


Our products meet the SMEMA (Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association) and GEM standard for automation. In particular, the SMEMA machine interface standards were developed to facilitate the interface of equipment used in the manufacturing of surface-mounted printed circuit boards. Seica products comply with the mechanical interface SMEMA 1.2 standard. In addition, our software and process control equipment also complies with the GEM (Generic Equipment Model) standard; this standard is the semiconductor industry's standard for equipment-to-host communications.


In an automated fabrication process, the GEM interface can start and stop equipment processing, collect measurement data, change variables and select recipes for production. Seica's Bare Board Flying Prober line, Firefly laser soldering system and Compact functional and in-circuit test systems all meet these automation requirements. The images herein shows our bare board tester, laser soldering solution, and in-circuit & functional test solution all integrated in an automated process assembly line. 




                                     BBT S240                        Laser Soldering Solution                           Compact VL






















































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