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quadrato Bare Board Testers - Flying Probe


All BBT systems can execute different types of electrical measurements on any type of printed circuit board. The new software algorithms and the management software minimize test time and ensure complete test coverage.


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quadrato Test Performances


The test performances include:


Continuity Test:


♦ Capacitive method (very high resolution method).
♦ Resistive method with programmable threshold.

Isolation Test:

♦ Capacitive method (500V / 1,000V optional).
♦ Resistive adjacency method using programmable threshold (up to 1 GigaOhm).
♦ Resistive adjacency method using high voltage threshold 250V (500V / 100V option).

In-circuit Parametric Test of Embedded Passive Components (R, L, C).

Barrel Test:

♦ New algorithms to detect plated hole barrel integrity.


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