quadrato Electronic Test


Flying Prober - Pilot Line




Models range from 4 to 8 test probes, with 14 mobile resources accessing simultaneously one or both sides of the board, which can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.






Functional Test



The Compact line can be used as a complete testing bench for the complex requirements of functional analyses. The presence of programmable user power supplies allows easy power up of the board to verify the functionality of the unit under test to OEM design  specifications.





The Valid VIP (Viva Integrated Platform) line is the ultimate integrated functional test solution, capable of providing high-performance analog, digital and mixed-signal testing.






In-Circuit Test



The Compact VIP series has all the power and the flexibility required to provide a complete test solution, from MDA testing to high frequency, functional digital tests.






System Integration


If you have a build to print requirement Seica is positioned to assist with your outsourcing requirements.



Turnkey Solutions


If you have unique test requirements, Seica will review the technical requirements and deliver what is required. We have the technical staff and project management team to oversee your project from RFQ to delivery and acceptance.



























































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