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 Seica provides testing services from either our Salem, NH location or Plano, TX location.


We utilize the latest in flying prober and ICT technology. In cases where our customers need capacity, we are available to provide services for end of quarter or end of year demands. In addition, since we have several models of probers available, we can usually provide the test services on the same model system as the customer's; the test program can then be provided for our end customer's use.


For customers that may not have any test equipment we can provide 'test and tag' services as well. Whether it's a small pilot run or a large production run, we can provide the services on either a flying prober or traditional in-circuit bed of nails tester. 
In some cases, if you're an OEM or ODM and may not have the resources available to scope out a test strategy, Seica Inc. is available to provide the consultancy and solutions as necessary to provide the best test possible for your new product. With our talented staff and over 80 years of ATE experience we can match your needs to a test solution that meets your business strategy and philosophy. Provide us your basic theory of operation of your CCA or LRU and we will configure an end-of-line functional solution as well. If volume dictates an automated solution, provide us your line beat rate requirements so your capital expenditure can be analyzed for your ROI.

Lastly, if you have any customers with a need to replicate their boards due to lost CAD data, no schematics and no way to test those boards…we can help. Provide us a "gold" board and we can provide a full schematic, net list, and XY mapping. For any of these services simply call your local Seica, Inc. office.


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